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Date Created:
Wyoming Department of Health

Inspired by the statistic that one in 17 Wyoming youth between 15 and 25 years old has an STD, the Wyoming Department of Health is reorganizing its KnoWyo program to target a younger audience between the ages of 13 and 25. The federally funded program allows individuals to print a voucher for free...

Date Created:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Talk. Test. Treat. is a campaign that encourages individuals and healthcare providers to take three simple actions – Talk. Test. Treat. – to protect their health, the health of their partners, and that of their patients. The campaign reinforces that all STDs are preventable and treatable, and most...

Date Created:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

GYT is a campaign encouraging young people to get tested and treated for STDs and HIV to protect their health and that of their partners.

 We Are Members of This Community Logo
LGBT Center of Raleigh

We Are Members of This Community was formed to raise awareness of the issues that African American gay population face and to help end homophobia and the violence it spreads through hate. It is a resource for men who have sex with men (MSM) in the prevention and risk reduction of sexually...

One-Two Punch: Knocking Out HIV and Syphilis Co-infection. Go to campaign.
Date Created:
This campaign is designed to educate North Carolinians, especially those in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and surrounding areas, about the state’s higher risk for HIV and syphilis and the need to talk with health care professionals about testing for both infections. A campaign of the American...
 Know Now. Get Tested. Get Treated for HIV and STDs. Logo
Date Created:
Arkansas Department of Health HIV/STD Section

The "Know Now. Get Tested. Get Treated for HIV and STDs" campaign from the Arkansas Department of Health HIV/STD Section engages at-risk communities via print, radio, and a significant amount of grassroots work, including rallies, testing events, poster and brochure distribution, and working with...

 Syphilis Rising Logo
Date Created:
Public Health – Seattle & King County, HIV/STD Program
Public Health – Seattle & King County launched a syphilis education campaign focusing on men who have sex with men, the highest risk population. The education campaign aimed to increase awareness about syphilis, promote recognition of symptoms, and encourage testing and prompt treatment. The...
 It's Time Logo
Date Created:
San Mateo County STD/HIV Program
It’s Time is a campaign created by the San Mateo County STD/HIV Program to encourage residents, specifically youth and young adults, to get tested for STDs and HIV. Residents can call, text, or go to for testing information. San Mateo County has an STD clinic as well as Testing...
 Beforeplay Logo
Date Created:
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Beforeplay is a campaign targeted to the 18- to 29-year-old age group and seeks to initiate more conversation about sexual health and family planning through an interactive Web site, social media, a texting service for sexual health questions, events, and statewide advertising. The campaign is a...
 Many Shades of Gay Logo
Date Created:
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Many Shades of Gay was a multimedia campaign that ran from June 2012 to October 2014. It communicated that no matter who you are or how you see yourself, getting an HIV test every six months is an important part of taking care of yourself, your partners and your community, and focused on encouraging...