• National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is February 7

    Join NBHAAD, CDC, and partner organizations to encourage African Americans to get educated for HIV, learn their status, and seek care. Learn how to get involved and support the NBHAAD initiative.

  • 2014 School Health Profiles Report Now Available

    New findings from a CDC survey suggest too few schools teach prevention of HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancies. Read more and learn how to support school-based sex-education.

  • Updated HIV Guidelines for Travelers

    CDC’s Yellow Book has updated information on HIV prevention for travelers, available online and via the app. The Yellow Book is a reference guide for those advising international travelers about health risks.

  • Have You Looked at Your State Health Profile?

    Check out your state health profile to learn statistical and other information for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, STDs, and TB. Explore useful resources and prevention and control programs supported by CDC and state public health officials.