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Tuberculosis Resources from the CDC

CDC reports an estimated 13 million people live with latent tuberculosis in the United States. Although the United States continues to have one of the lowest TB case rates in the world, still, too many people suffer from TB disease. Ending TB will require a dual approach of maintaining and strengthening current TB control priorities, while increasing efforts to identify and treat latent TB infection in populations at risk for TB disease.
Surveillance and statistics information helps direct prevention and control activities for tuberculosis and funding to those who need it the most. This information also allows public health professionals to review the impact these activities have on disease trends in the United States.
The National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) serves as a resource for public health professionals in the areas of  tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, STD, HIV/AIDS, and those who study school health. In addition to tuberculosis surveillance and statistics resources, NPIN also provides guidelines, prevention resources, and training.
To access the latest information from public health professionals like you, register for the NPIN Community today.


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