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  • STD Awareness Week is April 12-18!

    Take action to slow the spread of STDs in the US. For STD Awareness Week, CDC has 4 campaigns to choose from. Pick your campaign and plan activities with the Campaign Toolkit!
  • March - April 2020 Connections

    • Stay up-to-date on the Latest Information on COVID-19
    • World TB Day
    • What’s New in AtlasPlus
    • ...
  • Congenital Syphilis Is Surging

    New CDC Report finds STDs continue to rise in the United States. The most concerning threat is newborn deaths from syphilis. Partners, let’s take action NOW.

  • KABI Chronicles: The Edge Motion Comic Series

    Watch and share this new, award-winning motion comic series. The KABI Chronicles is designed to educate young people about HIV and STD prevention.

  • New Locations Added to CDC’s GetTested Website

    Search from the thousands of recently added service providers and help people in your community find fast and confidential HIV, STD, and viral hepatitis testing and vaccine services.


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