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  • 2018 Health Literacy & Communication Training Series - “Brace for Impact.”

    Learn the principles and techniques for meaningful communication and how to recognize common errors that diminish the power of our products. CHES CE credits will be offered upon completion. Don’t miss out!

  • National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day is October 15th!

    On NLAAD, we want you to remember that everyone has a role to play in ending HIV among Hispanics/Latinos. Spread the word: Get tested, get in care, stay in care, and be healthy.

  • Let’s Chat About Liver Cancer

    October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month! Join CDC and partners on Oct. 16 at 3 PM ET for a Twitter chat about ways to reduce liver cancer risk in people living with hepatitis B and C. Use the #LiverChat hashtag to contribute to the conversation.

  • Congenital Syphilis Cases Reach 20-Year High

    New data from CDC’s recently released 2017 STD Surveillance Report show that congenital syphilis cases among newborns have more than doubled in the last four years. Read the report and learn how healthcare providers can support prevention and control efforts.

  • September - October 2018 Connections

    • New Act Against AIDS Initiative
    • Hepatitis B Virus Treatment Access
    • Transforming Health Web site
    • ...

Benefits of the NPIN Community

NPIN offers a variety of tools and resources to support partner prevention efforts. One important resource is the NPIN Community, which allows partners to: connect, share, and collaborate in meaningful conversations with other prevention partners; receive breaking news and the latest advancements in prevention strategies; and access information unique to the NPIN Community and CDC’s partners.


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