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Digital Media Tools


Social Media STD Tools Image

Welcome to NPIN’s digital media library for STDs. View our collection of widgets, logos, banners, and badges to add a customized touch to your website and promotional materials. Send a special health-related message to colleagues and partners with our eCards. Search by tool type or topic to start discovering available resources.

PrEP Locator Widget

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) can protect against HIV infection when used daily as prescribed.

Condom Finder Widget

Condoms can protect against STDs and sexually transmitted HIV. Get them near you.

Zika Condom Finder Widget

Promote CDC's Zika Condom Finder to protect against Zika.

Medium GYT Test Site Locator 600px by 132px

Use this search box to incorporate the GYT brand into your Web site.

NPIN Customizable HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Testing and Treatment Widget

This widget provides access to HIV, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB testing and treatment service sites. You can set the widget to display results from your state, and select the focus – particular disease or diseases and specific services. Several design options and sizes are available. The customizable title and description fields allow you to brand the widget.

GYT Logo

Visit the STD Awareness site to find more tools to promote the GYT campaign.

STIs Among Young Americans Infographic

This infographic illustrates the impact of STDs among young people. For more information visit the CDC site.

Youth STD Banner

STD banner targeting youth. Find more tools to promote STD prevention online on the CDC site.

STD Signs eCard

Use the STD Signs eCard to communicate with colleagues and clients. Find more eCards on STDs, Chlamydia, and Syphilis.

Search Box for American Indians/Alaska Natives or Heterosexual Couples

The Search Box for American Indians/Alaska Natives or Heterosexual Couples is designed to target American Indian/Alaska Native populations and/or heterosexual couples.


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