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Technical Assistance

NCHHSTP Strategic Plan Through 2020

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This report is essentially a blueprint on how the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention will achieve its goals to eradicate the diseases they focus on. The report discusses goals, which align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, to reduce incidence, health disparities, morbidity, and mortality. The 8-page Executive Summary is available at:

National Indian Health Outreach and Education II - MSPI and HIV/AIDS

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The purpose of these cooperative agreements is to further IHS health program objectives in the AI/AN community with expanded outreach and education efforts for the MSPI and HIV/AIDS programs on a national scale and in the interest of improving Indian health care. This announcement includes two separate awards: MSPI program and the HIV/AIDS award.

FY15 - FY16 Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program: Military Specific HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment Pro...

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This Naval Health Research Center BAA is intended to solicit existing partners and establish new partners in furtherance of DHAPP and partner military program goals. Proposals should focus on rapidly extending HIV/AIDS services in PEPFAR funded countries and to target specific needs with a practical business plan, using small grass-roots organizations to provide community-based services.

Strengthening Local Capacity to develop and Implement Open Source Blood Safety and Laboratory Information Systems in Resource...

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Grant Amounts: Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding: $1,000,000.00. In line with the PEPFAR quality strategy’s call for countries to achieve laboratory accreditation as part of a sustainable national quality program for HIV/AIDS programs and the overall healthcare system, this FOA seeks to develop and implement low-cost, yet robust and standards-based information systems for blood transfusion and other laboratory services in resource-limited settings.

Strengthening Mozambican Capacity in Health Information Systems in the Republic of Mozambique under the President's Emergency...

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Grant Amount: Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding: $2,500,000. The purpose of this program is to provide technical assistance and to collaborate with USG Implementing partners, including the Ministry of Health of Mozambique (MOH), in developing, strengthening, deploying, and supporting health information systems to collect, aggregate, analyze and report data essential for monitoring, planning, and prioritization in the national program to combat HIV/AIDS.

Public-Private Partnerships in PEPFAR Countries under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

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Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding: $20,000,000.00. The purpose of this FOA is to provide funding to an entity to manage and administer global and country-led public-private partnerships (PPPs) under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The objectives of this FOA are to: (1) Provide overall managerial and administrative oversight for the public-private partnerships; (2) Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the impact and contribution of PPPs to the care, treatment, prevention and health systems country and global PEPFAR goals; (3) Develop a commun

Strengthening of the Human Resources Information System and Development of Open Health Information Enterprise Architecture in...

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Grant Amount: Approximate Total Fiscal Year Funding: $600,000.00. This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will build on past and current CDC-supported activities at the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) and the Health Professional Regulatory Bodies. Original funding started in Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 with Emory University and a local information technology (IT) company recording business process requirements and software design.

Strengthening Laboratory and Blood Transfusion Services in South Sudan under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (...

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Grant Amount: Approximate total Fiscal year funding $1,200,000.00. PEPFAR South Sudan works in collaboration with the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) Ministry of Health (MOH) in implementing the HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan (NSP) based on a priority action approach and strong collaboration and coordination among different stakeholders. PEPFAR South Sudan has prioritized supporting the MOH in strengthening their national laboratory system with the primary objective of supporting the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and surveillance of HIV through high-quality laboratory services.


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