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Lo que usted debe saber sobre su medicamento para la infección latente de tuberculosis (TB) – Rifampin

The Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Treatment Fact Sheet Series is designed to complement patient education delivered by healthcare professionals. Each sheet provides patients with a written reminder of their treatment regimen, medication side effects, actions to take if side effects do occur, tips to help remain adherent to the medication, and instructions in the event a dose of medication is missed.

Zika and Sex

This document is translated in spanish. It provides information and recommendations for men who have pregnant partners and live in or have recently travled to areas with the Zika virus.

10 Preguntas Sobre el Embarazo y el VIH

This pamphlet provides information for pregnant women in the form of responses to 10 questions about HIV. It discusses whether a pregnant woman needs to be tested for HIV and why, how the disease is transmitted from mother to baby, what can be done for a pregnant woman with HIV infection and for the baby, when should a pregnant woman begin prenatal care and the benefits of prenatal care, whether the pregnant woman should be tested for other STDs, how to prevent HIV, and what else a woman can do to stay healthy. The pamphlet also gives contact information for public health agencies.

Ask for the Test: HIV Affects Us All

This pamphlet discusses the importance of being tested for HIV. It states a few FAQs about HIV and how often someone should get tested.

5 Ways You Can Be Greater Than AIDS

This poster states five ways people can advocate and prevent HIV: Know, Talk, Protect, Test & Treat, and Take Action. Each section of the poster gives specific examples for each topic.

Notificación Sobre ETS a Parejas: ¿Y en Cuanto a Sus Parejas?

This pamphlet provides information about how to talk to a partner after an STD diagnosis. It discusses the need to communicate to partners; how to tell them; how to answer partners' questions; and how to provide further protection to themselves and their partners.

Hepatitis B y Salud Sexual

This information sheet discusses hepatitis B and sexual health. It explains hepatitis B virus infection; how the disease is transmitted, including transmission through sexual contact with an infected person; prevention; how it is diagnosed; and treatment.

Adherencia al Regimen Terapeutico Para el VIH

This information sheet discusses the importance of adhering to an HIV treatment regimen. It lists steps that should be taken before beginning treatment to help the patient maintain adherence and suggestions to help the patient after beginning treatment. It advises contacting the doctor if adhering to treatment is a problem as the doctor may have other treatment options.

Hepatitis C: Información sobre pruebas y diagnóstico

This information sheet discusses testing and diagnosing hepatitis C virus infection (HCV). It describes hepatitis C, a serious liver disease, and notes that some people do not know they have disease because they experience no symptoms. The information sheet explains hepatitis C transmission, who should be tested, why it is important to be tested, the blood test doctors use to diagnose HCV and the meaning of the test results, and where to find additional information.

Entrenamiento Para Trabajadores y Educadores de la Hepatitis C: Manual Para Entrenadores

This monograph is an instruction guide by the Harm Reduction Coalition’s Hepatitis C Harm Reduction Project, a New York City Council-funded technical assistance project initiated in late 2003. The training consists of basic concepts about outreach work, peer education, and hepatitis C. The 3-session program was designed to help syringe exchange peers integrate hepatitis C into their work with current and former drug users. The goal of each session is to provide a basic understanding of each subject covered.