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Childhood TB Training Toolkit

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This training toolkit is intended to focus on building the capacity of health care workers at the primary and secondary level to address and manage TB in children through the objectives of: 1) increasing the detection of TB in children with TB in the community, 2) improving the management of children with TB, 3) increase implementation of child contact screening and preventative therapy, and 4) provide accurate data on childhood TB for better monitoring and evaluation.

Implementing The End TB Strategy: The Essentials

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2016 is the first year of implementation of the WHO End TB Strategy in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda, both of which include the aim of ending the TB epidemic. To support the work ahead, the World Health Organization’s Global TB Programme has developed operational guidance, The Essentials, for effective adaptation and implementation of the new Strategy. The Essentials provides in-depth explanations of the vision, goal, targets, and milestones of the End TB Strategy, as well as key indicators to measure progress.

TB Preventive Treatment (TPT) Implementation Tools

The website includes various resources that were developed to address the difficulties that HIV programs might encounter when implementing TB preventive treatment. Programs can adapt the tools as needed.


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This website contains general information about TB, TB guidelines, and country specific documents that are found on TB CAP's Toolbox CD ROM.

TB: A Crossroads: WHO Report on the Global Tuberculosis Epidemic 1998

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This report discusses the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) to eradicate TB worldwide. Topics include the global epidemiology of TB; the diagnosis of TB; the use of directly observed therapy, short-term (DOTS); cooperative partnerships between governments and organizations in the prevention of TB; the elements of a successful TB elimination program; and the effects of untreated TB.

Priorities for Tuberculosis Bacteriology Services in Low Income Countries

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This is the second edition of the "Red Book". It provides guidance to national tuberculosis programmes and the laboratory network on the role of TB laboratory services. It outlines the main responsibilities within the network and the technical and organisational aspects of microscopic sputum-smear examination and the surveillance of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance. The purpose of this monograph is to complement other texts on mycobacteriology and thus it is limited in its scope and emphasis.


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