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Treatment and Care

Optimizing Treatment and Treatment as Prevention (TasP): Qualitative Research Report

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This report reflects the findings of qualitative research completed to explore knowledge, benefits, barriers, and other factors that influence HIV treatment and focusedg on one of the key recommendations that resulted from a previous round of research: improving treatment literacy (including treatment as prevention or TasP). This research was comprised of two focus groups and two community forums, which took place in Washington D.C.

Clinician's Guide to HIV & Hepatitis

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This monograph is a that guide that is intended to provide a basic overview of the management of viral hepatitis for clinicians who care for HIV-infected. The guide describes each type of hepatitis, modes of transmission, medications, and testing. It is not intended to be all-inclusive or take the place of established guidelines.

Health Insurance Coverage for People with HIV Under the Affordable Care Act: Experiences in Five States

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This report is an Issue Brief that provides insight into what the ACA has meant for people with HIV by examining their early experiences. The report is based on ten focus groups in the five states that represent half of all people living with HIV in the U.S. Participants were asked to discuss their enrollment and coverage experiences, as well as their experiences with maintaining ongoing HIV care, obtaining HIV medications, accessing experienced HIV providers, costs, and the role of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program.

TB Silent Killer: FRONTLINE Documentary and Panel Discussion

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This webinar is a public forum and panel discussion convened to examine the global health challenges that TB presents, examine the limitations and challenges of current treatment options, and discuss the search for new and better TB drugs and other tools. A podcast, speakers' biographies, and a transcript is also available.

National HIV Prevention Inventory: Module 3 - Prevention Programming

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This report is an update to the 2009 The National HIV Prevention Inventory: The State of HIV Prevention Across the U.S. (NHPI), which was based on a survey of 65 state, territorial, and local health departments. This report presents findings on HIV prevention programs in the areas of HIV planning, evidence-based interventions, collaboration and integration, implementing the ACA and developing jurisdictional HIV continuums of care. This final module summarizes all activities supported by federal, state, and local HIV prevention funding with a focus on High-Impact Prevention.


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