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Treatment and Care

HCSP Fact Sheet: African Americans and Hepatitis C

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This information sheet states that there are clear differences in terms of chronicity, disease progression, and treatment response rates among different ethnic and racial groups with regard to hepatitis C virus (HCV), with the African American population the most pronounced. It says that African Americans are more likely to have been exposed to HCV and are less likely to resolve acute HCV infection compared to other racial/ethnic groups. The fact sheet gives information about HCV, disease progression, and treatment.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) in Pediatrics/Adolescents

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This poster was developed from a variety of resources and includes management of exposures, study findings related to exposure, important discussion points when assessing the exposed individual, recommended antiretroviral (ARV) regimens for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) of HIV, ARV adverse effects, hepatitis B PEP, and hepatitis C post-exposure management.

Opportunistic Infections (OIs) in HIV/AIDS

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This poster summarizes the guidelines for prevention and treatment of selected opportunistic infections (OIs). It contains a table with available dosage forms and food requirements of drugs and discusses the most common OIs.

[Bacterial Vaginosis - CDC Fact Sheet]

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This information sheet discusses bacterial vaginosis (BV), a condition in which the vagina experiences an overgrowth of certain bacteria, and which often causes pain, discharge, odor, and itching or burning. The information sheet provides statistics on the incidence of the disease in the U.S. and describes the signs and symptoms, complications, effect on a pregnant woman and her baby, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Bacterial vaginosis can increase a woman's susceptibility to HIV and her ability to transmit HIV to a partner.


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