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Medical Treatments and Therapies

Chronic Hepatitis B in Asian American, Native Hawaiian & other Pacific Islander Communities -- Pre-Questions

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This video file is a webinar on chronic hepatitis B in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander communities. It presents an overview of viral hepatitis A, B, and C transmission and prevention, and chronic hepatitis B. The webinar discusses the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control’s (CDC’s) screening recommendations for chronic HBV CDC’s guidelines for screening Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Action Plan for Liver Disease Research

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The goal of the Action Plan for Liver Disease Research is to advance research on liver and biliary diseases, with the aim of decreasing the burden of liver and biliary diseases in the United States.

Diabetes Mellitus and HIV

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This visual file consists of 37 slides on the medical case management of diabetes mellitus and HIV. It explains the two types of diabetes, the class of HIV drugs that cause kidney problems or worsening of diabetes, the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, and effective treatment. The online link can be found at

State of Care for Veterans with Chronic Hepatitis C

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This report characterizes the state of care of the population of veterans with chronic hepatitis C (HCV) within the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA). It describes the distribution of veterans with chronic HCV within VHA and provides basic demographic data on this population. Additionally, the report describes pharmacologic treatment; other conditions commonly seen in veterans with chronic HCV; and indicators of healthcare quality including screening, monitoring, and outcomes assessment.

Stop TB

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This illustrated poster provides general information about TB infection and active TB. It has numbered pictures with seven steps of transmission and progression of TB and explains in simple terms, and with graphics, how the TB bacterium is spread and what may happen after it enters the body.

Living With Hepatitis C

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This booklet provides information to help patients who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C infection understand and manage their illness. It explains hepatitis C, its transmission, symptoms, how it affects the liver, diagnostic tests, and treatment. The pamphlet also discusses HIV/hepatitis C co-infection, and other helpful information such as establishing family and social support, pregnancy, health insurance issues for unemployed patients, cooperation among health care providers, and coping with personal feelings.

Gay Men and Viral Hepatitis: What Front Line Providers Need to Know -- Pre Questions

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This internet file is a webinar that provides information on gay men and hepatitis infection. It discusses viral hepatitis A, B, and C, their transmission, epidemiology of these diseases among gay men, and in certain countries, specific sex practices associated with these diseases, and gay men’s risk of being infected. It considers health disparities in specific populations and presents recommendations for screening, prevention, and treatment of hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases in gay men including hepatitis vaccination.

IOM Report: A National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and C -- Pre Questions

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This internet file is a webinar that presents the Institute of Medicine report on hepatitis and liver cancer. It provides information on the epidemiology of viral hepatitis B and C, and suggests a solution in the national strategy for prevention and control of these diseases. The strategy includes four areas: improved surveillance, increased knowledge and awareness, immunization, and development and implementation of viral hepatitis services.


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