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Tuberculosis Elimination and Laboratory Cooperative Agreement

The goal of this funding is to prevent transmission of M. tuberculosis (TB) and prevent progression from latent TB infection to active TB disease. Funding levels are determined by formulas reflecting TB disease incidence, case complexity, program performance, and laboratory workload data. Strategies and activities include diagnosis/treatment of persons with TB disease and persons with latent TB infection (LTBI); examination of immigrants and refugees who have an overseas B classification for TB; targeted testing for, and treatment of, LTBI; program planning, evaluation, and improvement; epidemiologic surveillance and response; human resource development and partnership activities; and public health laboratory strengthening. Expected outcomes include (but are not limited to) decreases in TB incidence; increases in patients completing treatment within 12 months; increases in HIV and drug susceptibility testing in TB cases; increases in LTBI testing and treatment completion rates of those recommended for treatment; increases in accuracy and completeness of surveillance, genotyping, and whole-genome sequencing data; improvement in turnaround times for specimen receipt and laboratory testing and implementation of TB elimination plans.

Funding Organization:
The US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control - NCHHSTP
Funding Category:
Other Health-Related
US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Number of Awards Given:
57 Awards
Minimum Amount:
Maximum Amount:
Award Amount:
Fund ID:
Application Due Date:
Clinical Research
Data Analysis
Health Care Planning
Health Care Programs/Services
Medical Treatments and Therapies
TB Prevention
At Risk Persons
Health Professionals
Health Services Organizations
Persons with TB
Application Contact
Grant Contact- CDC