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Information Sheet

Autoimmune Hepatitis

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This handout discusses what autoimmune hepatitis is, how it is diagnosed, and its symptoms and treatments.

Keep Her Awesome

Web page that provides general overview on Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Includes facts, statistics, and what can be done to help prevent BV among women.

Universal Precautions for School Staff

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This information sheet discusses how to prevent infection from viruses in blood or body fluids in a school setting. It explains how blood borne pathogens are not transmitted, and lists the precautions to be taken to prevent contact with blood or body fluids. It advises first attending to the injured person, then continues with how to clean up the blood or body fluids, how to bag and dispose of soiled clothes or waste, how to clean and disinfect environmental surfaces, and how the attending person should clean himself/herself.

100 Questions & Answers About HIV/AIDS

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This monograph provides information about HIV/AIDS in the form of responses to questions. The questions cover basic information and incidence/trends about HIV/AIDS including risk factors; statistics on persons with AIDS, where to find statistical data and status of the epidemic in New York State; transmission; testing; risk reduction; diagnosis and treatment; and children, adolescents, and young adults.

HIV and Youth

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This fact sheet provides national surveillance data on HIV among youth.


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