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How Do You Let Your Partners Know They May Have Been Exposed to HIV?

How to Let Partners They're Exposed to HIV (PDF)

This brochure discusses how Partner Services provides free and confidential services to people diagnosed with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs, like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia) and their partners. Through Partner Services, health department staff members help find sexual or...

Integrating Routine HIV Screening Into Your Practice

Routine HIV Screening (PDF)

This guide underscores the importance of HIV testing and immediate treatment upon diagnosis to reduce new infections. With over 1 million individuals in the US unaware of their HIV status, early detection is vital. Health care providers play a critical role by conducting routine screenings, linking...

Talk HIV

Talking About HIV (Web)

Helpful tips for having successful conversations about HIV prevention, testing, and treatment with friends, family, and other loved ones.

Foundations of HIV Cluster Response: Community

HIV Cluster Response (Web)

NASTAD intends for health department staff to use this slide deck as a template to present foundational cluster detection and response (CDR) information to community partners and health department staff, either in-person or virtually. Slides, accompanying notes, and slide animations should be...

Take Charge: A Gay Man's Guide to Sexual Health

Thumbnail image of Take Charge: A Gay Man's Guide to Sexual Health
This information sheet discusses tests that gay men should have, including hepatitis, HIV, and STDs. It encourages gay men to have testing on a regular basis and not wait until there are symptoms. It also suggests speaking to a health professional about PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV.

Hepatitis C in Texas

Thumbnail image of Hepatitis C in Texas
This information sheet discusses hepatitis C, how it's spread, co-infection with HIV, statistics of hepatitis C in Texas, how it's prevented, how it's treated, and the cost of treatment.