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TB: Are You at Risk?

This online video describes what TB is and how it is spread. It explains that although TB affects people worldwide, it can be prevented, treated, and cured. The video also identifies individuals who are at risk for TB and emphasizes that they should take the TB skin test.

TB and Cultural Competency: Notes from the field

 TB and Cultural Competency: Notes from the Field

This issue discusses a nurses’ relationship with a Vietnamese couple affected by TB. It highlights some challenges in communication, and how they were overcome. The issue also includes information on communication styles and use of open-ended questions.

Drug-Resistance Tuberculosis

 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in English

The animation educates viewers on topics related to drug-resistant TB and multidrug-resistant TB, such as treatment plans, basic information on multidrug-resistant TB, and the importance of medication adherence.

A Guide to Developing a TB Program Evaluation Plan

 A Guide to Developing a TB Program Evaluation Plan

This document is intended to help TB program staff develop and write an evaluation plan. It consists of a template for writing your evaluation plan, followed by detailed instructions and guidance for filling in each section, as well as a sample evaluation plan.

Are you at risk for TB?

 Are you at risk for TB? Handout

A checklist for individuals to see if they may need a test for TB. The checklist has 3 questions:

*Were you born in or have you lived in a country (for over a month) where TB is common? This includes anywhere in Africa, Asia, Mexico, Central or South America, the Caribbean or Eastern Europe.

QuantiFERON Test Fact Sheet (Multi-Language)

 QuantiFERON Test Fact Sheet (Multi-Language)

A fact sheet on the QuantiFERON (also called QFT test), including information on how test results are interpreted. There is also content on the difference between latent TB infection and TB disease.