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Evidence-based Tuberculosis Diagnosis

This website is a comprehensive source of evidence syntheses, policies, guidelines, and research agendas on TB diagnosis. The website offers detailed guidance on how to conduct and report diagnostic research on TB, guidance on how to perform systematic reviews of diagnostics, tools on guideline...

Online TST/QFT Interpreter

This tool estimates the risk of active tuberculosis for an individual with a tuberculin skin test reaction of 5+mm, based on his/her clinical profile. It is intended for adults tested with standard tuberculin (5 TU PPDS, or 2 TU RT-23).

Clinical Policies and Protocols

This manual describes policies, protocols and recommendations for the prevention, treatment and control of tuberculosis from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH). The protocols address testing, preventive treatment, initial evaluation for TB, treatment of TB disease...