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Questions and Answers About Tuberculosis

Questions and Answers About Tuberculosis. Go to booklet

This booklet provides information on the diagnosis and treatment of TB infection and TB disease. Key audiences for this resource are people with or at risk for TB; people who may have been exposed to someone with TB; people who provide services for those at high risk for TB, such as correctional...

TB & HIV: A Dangerous Partnership

 TB & HIV: A Dangerous Partnership

This online video explains what TB is as well as what is involved in a tuberculin skin test. It discusses what a person should do if infected with both TB and HIV.

12-Dose Regimen for Latent TB Infection - Patient Education Materials

Go to the website.

The materials were developed for clinicians to use with patients while discussing the 12-dose regimen for the treatment of latent TB infection. The materials include a patient education brochure, medication tracker, and symptom checklist. The brochure contains information on latent TB infection, the...

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment for Adults

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment for Adults. Go to tool

This tool can be used by health professionals to help identify adults that may need TB testing. The resource also includes space to document the results of the TB assessment.