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Global Updates: Hepatitis B World Health Organization Guidelines

Hepatitis B World Health Organization Guidelines (Web)

In this webinar, the Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to share the news that the World Health Organization (WHO) has released new “Guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment for people with chronic hepatitis B infection. This webinar helps convey the new guidelines. 

B Informed Session on Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media for Hepatitis (Web)

This webinar session features speakers Anika Martin from Hep Free Hawaii and Monique Benvenutti from Hepatitis B Foundation, exploring best practices for social media engagement and sharing impactful strategies, demonstrating how one person can turn social media into a powerful team effort for...

Hepatitis C Treatment Restrictions 2024

Hepatitis C Treatment Restrictions (Web)

This infographic from HepVu illustrates hepatitis C treatment restrictions in 2024 and how many states have other requirements that reduce access to hepatitis C care.

Take Charge: A Gay Man's Guide to Sexual Health

Thumbnail image of Take Charge: A Gay Man's Guide to Sexual Health
This information sheet discusses tests that gay men should have, including hepatitis, HIV, and STDs. It encourages gay men to have testing on a regular basis and not wait until there are symptoms. It also suggests speaking to a health professional about PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV.

Hepatitis C in Texas

Thumbnail image of Hepatitis C in Texas
This information sheet discusses hepatitis C, how it's spread, co-infection with HIV, statistics of hepatitis C in Texas, how it's prevented, how it's treated, and the cost of treatment.

Yes. Hepatitis C Is This Serious.

Thumbnail image of Yes. Hepatitis C Is This Serious.
This poster emphasizes encourages everyone to get tested for hepatitis C because it's a very serious disease. It also states that Hepatitis C causes liver cancer. A 24" x 36" poster can be ordered at: A 24" x 36" poster can be...

2022 Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Report

2022 Hepatitis Surveillance Report (Web)

Tens of thousands of new cases of viral hepatitis occur every year in the United States. Viral hepatitis is a serious public health threat that kills thousands of Americans annually and is a leading cause of liver cancer. Hepatitis A and hepatitis B are vaccine-preventable and hepatitis C can be...