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USAID/Ethiopia health Security Activity

The purpose of the USAID/Ethiopia Health Security Activity (HSA) is to reduce the impact of infectious disease outbreaks on morbidity and mortality through building a resilient One Health (OH) surveillance, diagnostics and workforce development capacities. The HSA will achieve this through strengthening Ethiopia’s capacity to detect infectious disease outbreaks early, supporting the subnational laboratory systems to diagnose resistant and zoonotic pathogens and building a OH workforce to respond to any emerging or re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks. 


The HSA will build on the lessons drawn from the USAID Ethiopia’s five years of experience in the sector including but not limited to Infectious Disease Surveillance (IDDS), Core Group Partners Project (CGPP) and Africa One Health University Network (AFROHUN). The expected outcomes will be evidence-based and will objectively be measured by the progress made in the country’s capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases through a One Health approach.

Funding Organization:
The US Agency for International Development Ethiopia USAID-Addis Ababa
Funding Category:
Other Health-Related
Support Types:
Cooperative Agreements
Eligible Organizations:
Number of Awards Given:
1 Award
Minimum Amount:
Maximum Amount:
Award Amount:
Fund ID:
Application Due Date:
Data Analysis
Epidemiological Research
Health Care Planning
Health Care Programs/Services
Hepatitis Prevention
HIV and AIDS Prevention
STD/STI Prevention
TB Prevention
At Risk Persons
Community Based Organizations
Health Professionals
Health Services Organizations
Application Contact
Acquisition and Assistance Specialist