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Goodwill Ambassador Luís Figo

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Luís Figo’s "I Am Stopping Tuberculosis" campaign consists of materials including posters, computer wallpaper, and postcards delivering key messages on tuberculosis.

Komesha TB[Stop TB]

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This poster provides basic TB information and includes illustrations with captions.

Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Screening Flow Chart

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This internet file is a flow chart which outlines the procedure to be followed if a patient tests positive or negative for hepatitis C virus antibody, and when to apply the VA HCV Antibody Screening Guidelines to determine the presence or history of risk factors.

Standards of Care for HIV-Exposed and Infected Infants and Children

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This poster outlines standards of care needed by infants and children who were exposed to HIV and those infected with HIV. It explains that if such children are not tested and treated early, HIV infection causes rapidly progressive disease and high mortality in early childhood. It emphasizes the need to test these children for HIV; regular monitoring; treatment if infected; immunizations and other means of preventing illness; screening for and, if necessary, treatment for TB.

Take The Test Take Control (Gold/Red)

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This poster promotes National Testing Day on June 27 of each year. It shows two men and two women figures in red and gold, and provides web address and texting instructions to find information about testing sites.

Vaccination Against Hepatitis A & B: A Summary of Current Recommendations

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This poster provides information on vaccination against hepatitis A and B. It describes the vaccines for both diseases, and explains who should be vaccinated, why patients with hepatitis C should be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, the vaccination approach based on serology, and the recommended vaccination schedule for adults. The poster will automatically scale to fit various paper sizes, from 8-1/2" x 11" to 18" x 24".

Stop TB

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This illustrated poster provides general information about TB infection and active TB. It has numbered pictures with seven steps of transmission and progression of TB and explains in simple terms, and with graphics, how the TB bacterium is spread and what may happen after it enters the body.

Hágase La Prueba Asuma El Control

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This poster promotes National Testing Day on June 27 of each year. It shows a male couple and includes information for finding the nearest testing facility.


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