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Religious Organizations

Next Generation Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (NGM) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

The objective of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support the development of new and innovative on-demand, event -driven and long-acting systemic and non-systemic multipurpose prevention technologies (MPT). It supports development of MPTs that prevent HIV infection and pregnancy (hormonal and non-hormonal methods); sexually transmitted infections (STI) and pregnancy, and (HIV/STI) and non-HIV STI MPTs in cis and trans males and females of all ages.

Computational Models of Immunity (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits applications developing computational models of immunity that advance understanding of the mechanisms required to induce and/or maintain protective immunity to infectious pathogens, other than HIV, and/or vaccines against such pathogens. The main goal of this FOA is to advance development and application of computational models of immunity that are refined through iterative immunological experimentation to validate and improve the utility and robustness of the computational models.

Adipogenesis, Adipocyte Function and Obesity Following HIV Infection, Antiretroviral Therapy, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

The prevalence of obesity is increasing in people with HIV (PWH), contributing to multiple complications associated with this condition. There is mounting evidence that there are unique mechanisms contributing to the development of obesity in PWH versus people without HIV. Furthermore, the biology of the adipocytes might be altered in overweight or obese PWH versus overweight or obese people without HIV.

Feasibility of Novel Diagnostics for TB in Endemic Countries (FEND for TB) (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

The objective of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support the evaluation of early stage diagnostics and novel diagnostic strategies for Tuberculosis (TB) in the context of existing clinical diagnostic algorithms in TB endemic countries. Evaluation studies should focus on: 1) proof-of principle studies of novel diagnostic tests and strategies and 2) provide feedback to diagnostic developers on the performance of the technology and most effective strategy for use of a diagnostic technology in an endemic setting. 

Single Cell Opioid Responses in the Context of HIV (SCORCH) Program: Data Coordination, Analysis, and Scientific Outreach (UM1 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Along with RFA-DA-19-037, which will support the generation of single cell datasets for one or more brain regions relevant to opioid use disorder and persistent HIV infection, a data coordination/analysis/outreach center (RFA-DA-19-038) will be established to make NIDA-funded single cell data and other molecular HIV/SUD data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). Harmonized single cell HIV/SUD data sets will enable immediate data mining by the scientific community for HIV and/or SUD biomarkers and potential pathways for therapeutic intervention.

Advancing Biomarker Discovery and Novel Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Active TB Disease Detection in HIV-1 Infected and Exposed Children (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

The objective of this FOA is to advance non-sputum-based tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics for use in HIV-1 infected and HIV-1 exposed uninfected children (HEU) for improved, simplified, rapid and decentralized diagnosis of TB disease. This opportunity will support discovery and validation of novel biomarkers useful for TB diagnosis or the development/optimization and early validation of novel TB diagnostic technologies. 

Pilot and Feasibility Studies in Preparation for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Trials (R34 Clinical Trial Optional)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for R34 applications seeks to support: (a) pilot and/or feasibility testing of innovative new, revised, or adapted prevention intervention approaches to prevent or delay the initiation and onset of drug and alcohol use, the progression to misuse or problem use or alcohol and other substance use disorder, reduce drinking and driving and deaths related to impaired driving, prevent suicide attempts (nonfatal and fatal), and the drug- or alcohol-related acquisition or transmission of HIV infection and viral hepatitis among diverse populations and setting
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