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Nonprofit Organizations

Frank A. Campini Foundation: General Fund Announcement.

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The Frank A. Campini Foundation announces the availability of funds for nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Applications are reviewed throughout the year and a determination is made on the basis of perception of merit and fiscal constraints. The Foundation tries to avoid an over-concentration of support for any particular category of non-profit organization.

Abell Foundation, Inc.: General Fund Announcement.

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The Abell Foundation's major areas of grantmaking are: economic development, education, and health and human services. Through grants awarded under health and human services, the Foundation seeks to address problems of family disintegration, drugs, domestic violence, crime, teenage parenting, hunger, and homelessness.

The Greenwall Foundation: General Fund Announcement.

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The Greenwall Foundation makes grants primarily to support work in medicine as well as education, arts, and humanities programs. One of the Foundation's goals is to put in place programs that can become self-sustaining and thus continue to serve the needs of society beyond the initial stage of funding.

Adolescent Family Life (AFL) Demonstration Prevention Project Grants

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The Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs (OAPP) requests applications for grants under the Adolescent Family Life (AFL) Demonstration Prevention Projects Program. These grants are for community-based and community-supported demonstration projects to: 1) find effective means of preventing pregnancy by encouraging adolescents to abstain from sexual activity through provision of age-appropriate education on sexuality and decision-making skills; and 2) establish comprehensive and integrated approaches to the delivery of services to pregnant adolescents, adolescent parents and their children.


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