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Public Health – Seattle & King County launched a syphilis education campaign focusing on men who have sex with men, the highest risk population. The education campaign aimed to increase awareness about syphilis, promote recognition of symptoms, and encourage testing and prompt treatment. The campaign also highlighted the risks and efficiency of transmission via oral sex. he campaign was featured in media and venues that target gay and bisexual men. In conjunction with the local social marketing agency Colehour + Cohen, the HIV/STD Program created a series of ads in several formats including: posters, bar coasters, mirror clings, and unique urinal devices that spoke messages of the campaign aloud while men used the bathroom. These materials were distributed to local bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms, bathhouses, and community agencies that serve gay and bi men. A website was created ( which included information about symptoms, where to get tested, and a quiz to test syphilis knowledge. Advertisements were purchased on Facebook and targeted to gay and bisexual men in King County in addition to ads online in's men seeking men personal ad section and the hook-up site It was emphasized that STD testing is available in primary care medical providers’ offices, Gay City Health Project, the King County STD Clinic, and other public health clinics.
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Date Created:
Year Ended:
Campaign Format:
Social media
Other Campaign Format:
Urinal devices that spoke campaign messages aloud which were placed in gay bars, bathhouses, and restaurants with large gay and bi male clientele
Contact Person:
Henry Jsani
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Organization Name:
Public Health – Seattle & King County, HIV/STD Program
Campaign Objectives:
Changing Attitudes
Increasing Access to Care
Increasing Conversations/Dialogues
Increasing Testing
Expanding Knowledge
Raising Awareness
Reducing Rate of Infection
Increasing Education
Funded By:
Washington State AIDS Prevention Dollars
Men Who Have Sex With Men(MSM)
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