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Drug Abuse and HIV: Learn the Link

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The Learn the Link campaign continues to raise awareness among the young generation of the real risks of drug use for transmitting HIV, and it encourages them to share this information with their peers to prevent the spread of this disease. The campaign uses TV, print, and Web public service announcements (PSAs), as well as posters, e-cards, and other tools to send the message to America's youth that using drugs and alcohol even once can have serious health consequences. The campaign also works to reach parents and teachers-influential figures in the lives of young people-with the Learn the Link message. Campaign messages and materials were tested among various groups of young people, guiding the use of technology, the discussion between friends, and the importance of family. The Spanish version of the campaign can be found at:

Date Created:
Campaign Format:
Social media
Web site
Other Campaign Format:
Webisodes, web banners, bilingual PSAs
Contact Person:
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Contact Phone:
Organization Name:
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Campaign Objectives:
Changing Attitudes
Expanding Knowledge
Increasing Conversations/Dialogues
Increasing Education
Raising Awareness
African Americans/Blacks,
Geographic Area:
Focus Area:
Campaign ID:
Last Updated: