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Health Professionals

Oregon STD Resource Guide

Provides information on Oregon's STD program and guidelines for how they are addressing and preventing STDs through out the State.


This podcast features Hunter Handsfield, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of Washington Center for AIDS and STD, discussing common questions about HPV.

Using Epidemiology for Data-Driven Decision-Making in Tuberculosis Programs

This training is intended for health program staff who work with epidemiologic data and are in the position to make decisions based on its findings. Topics include the basics of epidemiology outbreak and field investigations, strategies for increasing and invigorating prevention activities, mathematical modeling to prioritize program planning, and data visualization for influencing policy making.

Hepatitis C: Treatment Options and the Patient Experience

Attendees learned about the changing landscape of treatment options and how they affect the patient experience. The program featured a physician and nurse practitioner who specialize in liver disease and two patient advocates who shared their experience of living with Hep C. All four panelists were available for a live question and answer session following the presentation.


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