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Featured STD Training and Educational Resources

STIck: Core Knowledge: An Online Curriculum for the Diagnosis and Management of STIs—Online learning module covering sexual health, sexual function, and STDs.
From the Denver Prevention Training Center

Taking Routine Histories of Sexual Health: A System-Wide Approach for Health Centers
From the National Association of Community Health Centers and the National LGBT Health Education Center

Health Behavioral Interventions to Reduce the Risk for STIs and HIV podcast

From Partner Services to Field Services: The Evolving Role of Public Health Outreach in the Control of HIV/STD
From Seattle & King County HIV/STD Program

Internet Partner Services for Syphilis and HIV

Let's Talk About Sexual Health—Video for doctors and young adults on how to talk about sexual health.
From CDC

STD Awareness: Reaching Youth podcast—Dr. Gail Bolan, Director of CDC's Division of STD Prevention, discusses the role healthcare providers play in educating young patients about sexual health and STD prevention.

Adolescents and STDs: A Call to Action for Providers and Health Plans
From the National Chlamydia Coalition and the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation

White Paper: Asking Patients Questions About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Clinical Settings: A Study in Four Health Centers
From the Fenway Institute

HPV Toolkit: A Resource for Healthcare Providers
From American Sexual Health Association

HPV Videos for Healthcare Providers (video series)
From the American Sexual Health Association

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014