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(Draft) Collaborative Document: TB Events and Activities in 2021

World TB Day is just over one month away. The Community invites you to add your organization’s events and activities to this collaborative document. The collaborative document allowst other members to edit, attach files, change dates, and make other changes that represents the group. Collaborative Documents also are good for creating project reports or policy statements, allowing each team to contribute their input.

Most Effective TB Patient Education Resources?

CDC and the five TB Regional Training and Medical Consultation Centers offer TB education resources in various formats, addressing testing, TB disease, contact investigation, medication adherence, and more. Which resources do you turn to most frequently to educate your patients? Are there particular materials you’ve found effective in reaching people with low literacy? Have you developed your own materials? Please share your thoughts and resources in the comments.

Here are several good sources for educational materials:

Share Your Practices for Addressing Health Disparities

Today’s #NPINChat featured great practices for addressing health disparities among populations at risk for infectious diseases.  Keep sharing here! Ideas: create safe and positive environments for those who might feel stigmatized or be intimidated by going to a clinic, focus on social determinants of health to support populations as a whole and give your entire organization a briefing, and  meet people where they are with realistic interventions.

Tech Tools and Apps for Prevention and Outreach - Your Thoughts?

NPIN just wrapped up the #NPINchat Twitter chat on Tech Tools and Apps for Prevention and Outreach. We talked about CDC's Atlas, online hepatitis assessment tool, TB and STD treatment apps, and the new site. The online "recommender tool" provides targeted suggestions for testing and vaccines. Chat participants offered some of the tools they use.

Ideas for the new NPIN site

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What are the types of issues you’d like to see discussed in this forum?

What are some of the types of comments you’d like to see include or not included in this community?

What does the term “online community” mean to you and how can such a community help you with your work?