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State Public Health Role in Addressing Hepatitis

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This report discusses the role of states in addressing hepatitis. It talk about federally-funded programs, expanded health insurance coverage, transmission, surveillance, and funding levels.

Hepatitis C in Texas

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This information sheet discusses hepatitis C, how it's spread, co-infection with HIV, statistics of hepatitis C in Texas, how it's prevented, how it's treated, and the cost of treatment.

NCHHSTP Strategic Plan Through 2020

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This report is essentially a blueprint on how the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention will achieve its goals to eradicate the diseases they focus on. The report discusses goals, which align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, to reduce incidence, health disparities, morbidity, and mortality. The 8-page Executive Summary is available at:

National HIV Prevention Inventory: Module 2 - Funding

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This report is an update to the 2009 The National HIV Prevention Inventory: The State of HIV Prevention Across the U.S. (NHPI), which was based on a survey of 65 state, territorial, and local health departments. This report explores funding changes experienced by health department HIV prevention programs over the last five years with a specific comparison of funding in 2007 and 2012. The report is part of a series of the 2012-2014 NHPI project aimed to comprehensively describe HIV prevention programs administered by state and local health departments across the U.S. and U.S.

Controlling Medicine Prices: Evolution of Canadian Law

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This information sheet is in a series if seven sheets on the federal regulation of pharmaceutical prices in Canada. This sheet gives a brief historical overview of how Canada has approached the question of regulating prices of pharmaceutical products, and the origins of Canada's current laws and policies. It describes the two approaches taken to regulating drug prices: compulsory licensing of pharmaceutical inventions and direct regulation of pharmaceutical prices.

Voices From the Field: Remobilizing HIV/AIDS Philanthropy for the 21st Century

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This report presents the results of a study by Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) called the Funder Remobilization Project (FRP), which was designed to develop a clearer understanding of the current state of human HIV/AIDS philanthropy in order to motivate and activate an ongoing vigorous philanthropic response. The report discusses the purpose of the study, research methods, the environment for HIV/AIDS philanthropy in the 21st century, FRP findings including challenges and opportunities in moving forward in HIV/AIDS philanthropy, and a framework for ongoing philanthropic leadership.

HIV Prevention Community Planning Guide

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This monograph presents CDC's guidelines for health departments and HIV prevention community planning groups. It provides direction to CDC grantees receiving federal HIV prevention funds to design and implement a participatory HIV prevention community planning process. In this program health departments work in partnership with the community to implement the community planning guidance and develop a comprehensive HIV prevention plan that represents the needs of populations infected with or at risk for HIV.


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