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Gather feedback from other group members on a topic, question, or idea.

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Collaborate with other group members on the same “document” or file to create, modify, or enhance a prevention resource or tool.

Expert Op/Ed

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Hear from subject matter experts on best practices and successful approaches to prevention and intervention work.


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Participate and contribute to interactive discussions with Community members about various topics, including common challenges and solutions.

Resource Xchange

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Upload, download, and share prevention tools and resources with other prevention partners.

NPIN Community Group

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The NPIN Community is an online space for persons actively working in HIV, STD, viral hepatitis, and TB prevention. The Community is designed to address the critical and ongoing needs of CDC partners. The Community platform offers a variety of tools and resources to support local prevention efforts. It also provides a forum for partners to exchange resources, discuss prevention successes and challenges, and collaborate on common issues with other prevention partners.

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