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Persons with HIV/AIDS

HAB HIV Performance Measures

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These performance measures, created by the HIV AIDS Bureau (HAB) of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), are comprised of indicators that providers can use to monitor the quality of care they provide patients with who have HIV/AIDS. The performance measures also include screening for hepatitis B and C and hepatitis B vaccination.

HIV Among Asians in the United States

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This information sheet discusses Asians and HIV in the United States. It states that despite growth of the Asian population, the number of Asians with HIV has remained stable and the number of new infections has decreased. It provides statistics on HIV among Asians living in the United States including new HIV infections, HIV and AIDS morbidity and mortality; and the estimated diagnoses of HIV among adult and adolescent Asians by transmission category and gender 2011.

El VIH Entre los Hispanos o Latinos en los Unidos y Areas Dependientes

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This information sheet discusses the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS among Latinos in the United States. It provides statistics showing the percentage of new HIV infections among Hispanics/Latinos in 2010 by transmission category, and the estimated rates of new HIV infections by gender and race/ethnicity. It presents data on the percentage of Hispanics/Latinos living with HIV/AIDS compared to the rest of the U.S., the rate of infections in Hispanic men and women, and the number of Latinos who have died of AIDS. The information sheet describes complex factors that increase HIV risk for Latinos.

HIV and AIDS Among African Americans

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This information sheet discusses HIV/AIDS among African Americans in the United States. It presents a snapshot of how the disease has devastated black communities, in that African Americans face the most severe burden of HIV and AIDS of all racial/ethnic groups in the nation. They account for almost half (44%) of the people with HIV in the United States, but represent only 14 percent of the population. Within the African American community, gay and bisexual men are the most affected. Infection rates have gone down in black women for the first time.


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