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HBV ECHO: Reducing Perinatal Transmission

Video developed through partnership with the Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Bureau of Primary Health Care, Project ECHO launched HBV ECHO, a national technical assistance program that helps enhance HRSA-funded health center capacity to reduce perinatal transmission of hepatitis B. Panelists discuss the teleECHO™ curriculum, challenges in addressing perinatal HBV in the primary care setting, and patient case studies.

One in Twenty

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This video details how common hepatitis B is and the dangers associated with it. It says that one in twenty people have been exposed to hepatitis B and that most people don't know they have it. The video also says that hepatitis B is the 3rd most common cause of death from cancer in males, and the 7th most common in females. It also describes the history of the Hepatitis B Foundation and how the organization is working to finding a cure, improving the lives of those living with hepatitis B, and eliminating the disease.

[Hepatitis B Fast Facts]

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This information sheet discusses Hepatitis B virus infection (HBV), the most common serious liver infection in the world. It explains its effect on the liver, transmission, prevention, epidemiology in the world and in the United States, who is most at risk, and provides sources of further information.

Living with Hepatitis B

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This information sheet explains the liver infection, hepatitis B, what happens if an individual is infected, the tests needed to know if an individual has recovered or become chronically infected, how chronic infection is diagnosed, how to prevent spreading the disease to others, treatment for chronic hepatitis B, and how an individual with chronic hepatitis B can live a healthy lifestyle. It includes information on finding a liver specialist, and an online support group.
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