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Making Data Talk: A Workbook

 Making Data Talk: A Workbook

The National Cancer Institute’s newly released publication, Making Data Talk: A Workbook, assists public health practitioners, scientists, health educators, clinicians, researchers, students, and statisticians to understand the critical roles data play in communication. The workbook offers recommendations about selecting and presenting data and introduces the Organize, Plan, Test, Integrate framework, which guides public health practitioners on how to present health data to lay audiences. Many chapters also include practice exercises that use real-world examples to reinforce and apply key concepts.

The workbook, based on the book Making Data Talk: Communicating Public Health Data to the Public, Policy Makers, and the Press written by Dr. David E. Nelson, Dr. Bradford W. Hesse, and Dr. Robert T. Croyle, provides key information, practical suggestions, and examples on how to effectively communicate health-related scientific data.

Making Data Talk: A Workbook is available as a print or electronic version. Visit the institute’s website to order a copy or download the workbook (

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