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Contra Costa County
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Self-Testing Services
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This is an online service; open 24/7. Request an at home test kit at any time. Availability of either test depends on location. Everyone has availability to some type of HIV self-testing.
Disclaimer: Hours of operation change frequently. Please contact the organization to verify.
Please contact organization for eligibility requirements
Testing Services:
Hepatitis Self-Testing
STD/STI Self-Testing
HIV Self-Testing
Self-Testing Regions:
State of Arkansas (All counties)
State of California (All counties)
Adams County Arapahoe County Douglas County
State of Hawaii (All counties)
State of Idaho (All counties)
Johnson County Hendricks County Hamilton County Hancock County Marion County
State of Maine (All counties)
Ottawa County Allegan County
St. Louis St. Louis County St. Charles County Franklin County Jefferson County Lincoln County Warren County Cass County Clay County Jackson County
State of Montana (All counties)
North Bergen State of New Jersey (All counties)
State of New Mexico (All counties)
State of North Carolina (All counties)
State of Oregon (All counties)
Tarrant County Johnson County Parker County Hood County Summerville Wise County Erath County Palo Pinto County
State of Wyoming (All counties)
Organization Type:
Community Based Organization,
Black or African American persons,
American Indian or Alaska Native persons,
Asian or Pacific Islander persons,
At Risk Persons,
Gay Men,
General Public,
Hispanic or Latino persons,
HIV Positive Persons,
Low Income Persons,
Men Who Have Sex with Men,
Persons with HIV/AIDS,
Language Spoken:
Fee Information:
No Fee,
Free STD/STI Self-Testing,
Free HIV Self-Testing,
Free Hepatitis Self-Testing
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More Information:
The majority of the tests are done using Oraquick rapid self-testing. The second most common is Hep C+HIV+Syphilis using dried blood spot testing plus Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (oral/rectal/urine). These samples are mailed/completed at home and mailed to the lab for processing and results