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Sustained Release of Antivirals for Treatment or Prevention of HIV (SRATP) (R01)

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The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to encourage grant applications that address the long term goal and objective of developing sustained release strategies for HIV treatment or prevention. Applications may propose treatment or prevention products delivered using sustained release platforms (oral, injection, implant or direct delivery to HIV target mucosa) that will provide a minimum of 1 week for oral (treatment) or a minimum of once a month for all other drug delivery systems for prevention and treatment protection/efficacy.

Comorbid Mental Disorders and HIV/STD Prevention.

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Prevention programs must be based on the actual needs of the relevant populations. There is evidence of an interaction of comorbid mental health factors, such as alcohol/drug use and abuse with high-risk sexual behaviors. Alcohol and drugs may provide a disinhibiting effect as an impetus to engage in unsafe behaviors, but a more complex conceptualization that includes mental health factors may be required to design effective prevention programs.

Community Foundation Serving Coastal South Carolina: Open Grants Program.

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The Community Foundation Serving Coastal South Carolina is a public foundation that responds to the needs of people who live in South Carolina's coastal region. Through the Open Grants Program of its Public Trust Fund, the Foundation provides support in six program areas: arts, education, the environment, health, human needs, and neighborhood development. Health includes any illness, health education, wellness programs, and outreach programs to deliver health care to underserved groups.


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