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Welcome to NPIN’s digital media library for STDs. View our collection of widgets, logos, banners, and badges to add a customized touch to your website and promotional materials. Send a special health-related message to colleagues and partners with our eCards. Search by tool type or topic to start discovering available resources.

Search Box for Young Men

The Search Box for Young Men is designed to target young men and/or men who have sex with men (MSM).

Search Box for Young Women

The Search Box for Young Women is designed to target young women.

Flexible Audience Search Box

The Flexible Audience Search Box is designed to target heterosexual and/or African American populations.

Spanish Search Box

The Spanish Search Box is designed for Spanish language Web sites.

Customizable Search Box

The Customizable Search Box allows organizations to use their own logos or pictures.

Basic Search Box

The Basic Search Box can be used on any Web site targeting any audience.

Large GYT Test Site Locator 877px by 132px

Use this search box to incorporate the GYT brand into your Web site.

Condomfinder Widget

More Condomfinder widgets are available to identify U.S. organizations that distribute free condoms.

GYT Widget

Get Yourself Tested: find HIV ro STD test sites.

Find HIV or STD Testing Sites Widget

Enter your zip to find HIV or STD testing sites.


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