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TB Screening Tests in Children

The guide is a quick reference tool on available methods for testing children for TB. Health care workers can refer to the guide for information on available TB testing methods, interpreting TB screening tests, as well as next steps.

Communicating about Public Health in Times of Crisis: Strategies for TB Programs and Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar focuses on risk communication around TB during the COVID-19 pandemic. The learning objectives for this webinar are:
• Recognize the emotional and psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health workers and TB patients
• Apply risk communication principles to develop messages on TB and COVID-19 for front-line health workers, patients, and contacts
• Use tailored approaches for communicating with health workers, TB patients, contacts so appropriate TB care can be provided

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing Rulers

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Rulers made of a thin, and wipeable PVC material for measuring skin test reactions from the Mantoux tuberculin skin test. The rulers are available for order in quantities of 25 or 100.

NTCA Provider Guidance: Using the Isoniazid/Rifapentine Regimen to Treat Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI)

The resource was designed to help healthcare providers:
1. Quickly identify and answer key questions when considering whether to start a patient on the isoniazid-rifapentine (3HP) regimen
2. Assess the appropriateness of self-administered therapy of 3HP for each individual patient
3. Ensure that the correct drugs for the 3HP regimen are prescribed and provided to the patient
4. Handle questions on side effects and adverse reactions for a patient currently on the 3HP regimen

Impact of COVID-19 on TB Services

In this webinar, participants hear from public health professionals about the impact of COVID-19 on TB program services. Topics addressed include programmatic adjustments during COVID-19, changes in clinical care and community work, and TB control activities during COVID-19.  The webinar also provides information on various TB and COVID-19 resources.


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