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The NPIN Community is an online space for persons actively working in HIV, STD, Viral Hepatitis and TB prevention. The NPIN Community is designed and developed by NPIN to address the critical and ongoing needs of CDC partners. 

NPIN targets three core objectives:

  • The need to connect: Individual partners have the opportunity to connect in a professional community that is focused on the topics and challenges that face the HIV/AIDS, STD, Viral Hepatitis, and TB communities.
  • The need to share: Be it forms, tools, teaching materials, pamphlets, or posters, NPIN allows partners to share and interact in convenient, safe, and informative environment.
  • The need to learn: With limited resources, it is increasingly important that we all leverage technology to get the most out of what we have individually and as a community. Through NPIN, partners are able to immediately find dynamic web training in the form of webinars, tele-briefings, and webcasts. Further, partners are able to discuss innovative ideas and best practices with other partners to enhance the use of time, funding, and human resources.

The Community content must relate the disease topics listed above.  We expect members to treat each other with respect and follow the guidance under the Community Terms of Use . CDC does not necessarily agree with or endorse Community Content from outside of CDC related to NPIN Community activities. We recognize that the NPIN Community is open 24/7 and your comments are welcome at any time.

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