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Hepatitis C: Liver Biopsy

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This information sheet discusses the liver biopsy. It explains a liver biopsy; the risks involved; how a liver biopsy can help, particularly for people with Hepatitis C; how it is done; and what happens after the liver biopsy is done. It also discusses when one should not have a liver biopsy. The information sheet specially emphasizes that a person who takes medicine for hepatitis C might need to have more than one liver biopsy.

Hepatitis C: Coping with Hepatitis C: Diet and Nutrition

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This information sheet describes good nutrition as being of great importance to a person with hepatitis C. It provides guidelines for healthy eating and drinking. It advises the following: Do not drink alcohol, avoid crash diets and/or binges, educate yourself about nutrition, eat a variety of foods, and drink plenty of water. It discusses overcoming barriers to eating well.

Hepatitis C: Coping with Your Diagnosis of Hepatitis C

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This pamphlet provides information on how veterans can cope when they have been diagnosed with hepatitis C. Some of the most common feelings associated with a diagnosis of hepatitis C are the following: sadness or depression, anger, fear, and anxiety. The pamphlet gives information on how to take care of your emotional needs, including talking about your feelings with your doctor, friends, family members, or other supportive people.

HCSP Fact Sheet: Overview of HCV Disease Progression

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This fact sheet provides information about the progression of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) from an acute infection to a chronic infection. It talks about symptoms, complications, fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver transplants, and treatments.

HCSP Guides: Hepatitis C: Support Group Handbook

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This handbook is meant to help people work through the difficulty of being diagnosed with the hepatitis C (HCV) and turn that knowledge into ways to help people with HCV by starting a support group. It provides many practical ideas to consider while creating and maintaining a support group.


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