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Protect Babies from Hepatitis B for Life

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This pamphlet provides information about the hepatitis B vaccine and encourages parents to begin the series with their newborn. A vaccine schedule is also provided.

Easy C Facts: What is Hepatitis A?

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This information sheet discusses hepatitis A virus (HAV). It explains how it is transmitted, its symptoms, and prevention, including getting the hepatitis A vaccination.

Easy C Facts: What Are Drug Interactions?

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This information sheet discusses drug interactions, specifically drug interactions with medications for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, including interactions between drugs and herbal medications and drug-drug interactions. It also discusses food and drink interactions and overdosing.

Easy C Facts: The Liver

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This information sheet discusses the liver and its importance to the body. It describes how the liver acts as a filter for everything that an individual eats, drinks, or breathes in and how some things, such as alcohol, street drugs, and smoke, cause liver damage. It also explains that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) can cause scarring to the liver and over a long period of time can cause the liver to not function properly. The information sheet provides tips to keep the liver healthy.

State Public Health Role in Addressing Hepatitis

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This report discusses the role of states in addressing hepatitis. It talk about federally-funded programs, expanded health insurance coverage, transmission, surveillance, and funding levels.


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