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Sexual Assault or Abuse

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Fenced In: HIV/AIDS in the US Criminal Justice System

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This report discusses the structural barriers in correctional facilities when dealing with HIV and inmates. It states that four times as many people in prison have HIV than in the general population, which is a concern for everyone, not just those in prison.

HIV, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), and Women: New Opportunities Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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This information sheet is an Issue Brief that discusses how Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has been shown to be associated with increased risk for HIV among women as well as poorer treatment outcomes for those who are already infected. The brief provides an overview of new opportunities to address the needs of women at risk for and living with HIV who have experienced IPV, as well as a summary of key statistics and definitions.

Sexual and Reproductive Health of Persons Aged 10-24 Years - United States, 2002-2007

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This report presents data for 2002-2007 on sexual and reproductive health of persons aged 10-24 years in the United States. Data were compiled from the National Vital Statistics System and multiple surveys and surveillance systems that monitor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. The report addresses three primary topics: (1) current levels of risk behavior and health outcomes; (2) disparities by sex, age, race/ethnicity, and geographic residence; and (3) trends over time.

Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in Women

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This information sheet discusses the relationship between intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV in women. It uses data from the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey to show the number of women who have experienced IPV, explains the links between IPV and HIV, provides studies which suggest that IPV can be a risk factor and a consequence of HIV as well as studies of women with a history of abuse.
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