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Trends in Tuberculosis - United States, 2004. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 54(10): 245-249, March 18, 2005.

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This report summarizes data from the national TB surveillance system for 2004 and describes trends since 1993. Findings indicate that although the 2004 TB rate was the lowest recorded in the United States since national reporting began in 1953, the declines in rates for 2003 (2.3%) and 2004 (3.3%) were the smallest since 1993. TB rates greater than the US average continue to be reported in certain racial/ethnic populations.

TB Challenge: Partnering to Eliminate TB in African Americans

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This quarterly newsletter is disseminated from CDC to it's traditional and non-traditional partners, which include, academicians, health care providers, public health leaders, policy, and decision-makers, religious and community leaders, state and local health department representatives, and others who service African Americans and their communities.

Working Together to Stop TB: Building Community Partnerships to Eliminate TB in African American Communities

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This 15-minute video provides basic TB information and promotes a collaborative approach to addressing TB in the African American community. The DVD is part of a larger toolkit: Working Together to Stop TB, which is scheduled for release in 2010. Suggested venues for showing the video include waiting rooms in health department clinics, substance abuse treatment centers, correctional facilities, barbershops, and other community-based settings where educational content is appropriate.

Establishing a Holistic Framework to Reduce Inequities in HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, and Tuberculosis in the United States

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The white paper, or policy document, outlines the strategic vision of NCHHSTP for reducing health disparities and promoting health equity among populations affected by these diseases. NCHHSTP is committed to promoting awareness, stakeholder and community engagement, and action on factors that can affect the nation and the world's health; to addressing these factors in the policy, practice, and research activities of NCHHSTP; and to building partnerships on every level.

Tuberculosis in Hispanics/Latinos

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This fact sheet presents TB morbidity rates for Hispanic/Latino persons in the United States. These statistics emphasize the need to eliminate TB and to focus on preventing and controlling TB in this minority group.


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