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TB Guidance for Haiti Earthquake Responders

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Information on this webpage includes basic TB facts, TB guidance for facilities receiving patients from Haiti, and TB guidance for relief workers and others traveling to Haiti. The webpage also includes links to the CDC earthquake page, Travelers’ Health, and to the Southeastern National TB Center’s publication – Haiti: Cultural Competency and TB Control.

Confronting a Hidden Disease: TB in Roma Communities

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This report outlines available data and programs relating to TB control in Roma communities. The resulting document aims to bring research needs and program opportunities to the attention of international agencies, national TB programs, governmental ministries, and non-governmental organizations.

NTNC Nurses Webinar: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs with LTBI

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This webinar provides information on the identification of patients at high risk for progression to active disease. The presenters also discuss challenges for treatment completion, such as co-morbidities, risky behaviors, and other medications that may interfere with treatment.

When TB is the Least of Their Worries: Refugees webinar

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The webinar presents information about the risk of TB among refugees from TB endemic countries and the challenges that influence their ability and willingness to see a health care provider after arriving to the US. The webinar also discusses factors that may affect U.S. health care providers’ ability to effectively evaluate and treat refugees for TB and LTBI.

Key Populations Brief: Indigenous Peoples

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This documents provides an epidemiological profile of TB among Indigenous Peoples. Additionally, it highlights the structural and sociocultural barriers to diagnosis and treatment, outlines data gaps, and provides a general overview of indigenous perceptions of health.

¡Cuidado con el queso fresco!

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This poster encourages people to buy queso fresco from safe sources. It was developed for and tested with low-literacy Spanish-speaking populations.

Tuberculosis in Hispanics/Latinos

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This fact sheet presents TB morbidity rates for Hispanic/Latino persons in the United States. These statistics emphasize the need to eliminate TB and to focus on preventing and controlling TB in this minority group.


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