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Medical Treatments and Therapies

Hepatitis C FAQs for Health Professionals

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This information sheet provides data on hepatitis C for professionals in the form of responses to frequently asked questions about the disease and links to more specific information such as serologic tests, surveillance guidelines, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. It presents an overview and statistics; transmission and symptoms, including acute and chronic HCV infection; testing and diagnosis; management and treatment; counseling patients; and hepatitis C and healthcare personnel as well as pregnancy and HCV infection.

HIV and Viral Hepatitis

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This information sheet discusses HIV and viral hepatitis coinfection. It presents an overview of hepatitis, including how it affects the liver; the different forms of hepatitis–hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C–and how they are transmitted; the large number of HIV-infected persons who are coinfected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C; and their increased risk for serious life-threatening complications.

Easy C Facts: African Americans

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This information sheet discusses hepatitis C virus (HCV) among African Americans. It notes that the rate of HCV among African Americans is double that of whites and that African Americans are more likely to be infected with a certain strain. It explains that there is successful treatment for HCV and advises individuals to discuss the need for treatment and types of treatment with their doctor.

Easy C Facts: HCV & Hepatitis B Coinfection

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This information sheet discusses hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) coinfection. It explains the complications and dangers to the liver if a person has both viruses and the need for treatment.


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