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Health Care Programs/Services

Gebbie Foundation: General Fund Announcement.

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The Gebbie Foundation's mission is to support appropriate charitable and humanitarian programs to improve the quality of life in Chautauqua County, NY, by focusing on: children / youth / education, the arts, human services, and community development. HIV/AIDS programs are eligible to apply.

Green Mountain Fund for Popular Struggle: General Fund Announcement.

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The Green Mountain Fund for Popular Struggle funds groups organized around specific, progressive issues addressing problems of the natural and social environments, low-income people, the working class, people of color, women, gay men and lesbians, persons with disabilities, or other oppressed people. The Fund supports HIV/AIDS related projects such as the Vermont Persons Living with AIDS Coalition.

Maine Community AIDS Partnership: General Fund Announcement.

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The Maine Community AIDS Partnership (MCAP), a project of the United Way of Greater Portland and the Maine Community Foundation and an affiliate of the National AIDS Fund, seeks to bring new resources to HIV prevention and services throughout Maine.

Community Foundation Serving Coastal South Carolina: Open Grants Program.

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The Community Foundation Serving Coastal South Carolina is a public foundation that responds to the needs of people who live in South Carolina's coastal region. Through the Open Grants Program of its Public Trust Fund, the Foundation provides support in six program areas: arts, education, the environment, health, human needs, and neighborhood development. Health includes any illness, health education, wellness programs, and outreach programs to deliver health care to underserved groups.

George Gund Foundation: General Fund Announcement.

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The George Gund Foundation makes grants quarterly in the areas of education, economic development and community revitalization, human services, civic affairs, and environment. Within the human services area the Foundation is interested in increasing the capacity of local social service agencies to better meet the needs of the disadvantaged and in improving social welfare policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Local funding efforts in the health field are primarily oriented toward community health, with priority given to programs affecting children.

NYNEX Foundation: General Grant Announcement.

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The NYNEX Foundation supports projects in four categories: education, health and human services, arts and culture, and civic and community. Under health and human services, NYNEX gives to United Way, provides program support via technology to hospitals, and funds programs for youth agencies and AIDS and community service organizations. NYNEX is a founding member of the New England Consortium for AIDS Education and provides funding for nearly 25 agencies that offer economic and emotional support for those infected with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Chicago Foundation for Women: General Funding Guidelines.

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The Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) is a social change foundation that accepts proposals focusing on women's issues or concerns in the following categories: social / systems change advocacy, capacity building / organizational development, arts / culture, day care advocacy, domestic violence / sexual assault, employment / economic development, general social services, housing / homelessness, leadership development, physical and mental health, reproductive rights, and women's philanthropy.


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