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Drug Resistance

Tuberculosis in Women

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This information sheet discusses the burden and challenges of TB in women. It states that TB is the second leading cause of death from a single infectious agent worldwide.

TB/HIV: HIV-Associated Tuberculosis

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This information sheet discusses the challenges and key issues of the co-infection of TB and HIV. It states that TB is the leading cause of the death among people with HIV.

A New Tool to Diagnose Tuberculosis: The Xpert MTB/RIF Assay

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This information sheet discusses the Xpert MTB/RIF Assay for diagnosing TB. It explains that the new test is a nucleic acid amplification test that diagnoses TB in less than 2 hours and can also determine resistance to rifampin, one of the drugs used to treat TB. The information sheet describes how the Xpert MTB/RIF assay works, its advantages, how the results should be interpreted, what it means if RIF resistance is detected, not detected, or is indeterminate. Addresses for additional information are provided.

TB Silent Killer: FRONTLINE Documentary and Panel Discussion

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This webinar is a public forum and panel discussion convened to examine the global health challenges that TB presents, examine the limitations and challenges of current treatment options, and discuss the search for new and better TB drugs and other tools. A podcast, speakers' biographies, and a transcript is also available.

The Growing Threat of Multidrug-Resistant Gonorrhea

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This session of Grand Rounds explored the development of antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea as a growing public health concern because the United States gonorrhea control relies on effective antibiotic therapy. Topics discussed include Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Infections and antimicrobial treatment: Public health context and challenges; Molecular basis of resistance and importance of the laboratory in detection of resistance; Tools to combat multidrug resistance; and What public health can do now and in the future.

MMWR: Approaches to Improving Adherence to Antituberculosis Therapy--South Carolina and New York, 1986-1991

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This report describes strategies used in South Carolina and New York City to improve adherence to antituberculosis (anti-TB) therapy and provides recommendations for improving patient adherence to anti-TB therapy. Patients with TB who fail to complete a standard course of anti-TB therapy are at increased risk for treatment failure and may play a role in both the emergence of drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium TB and further spread of TB.

MMWR: Characteristics of Foreign-Born Hispanic Patients with Tuberculosis - Eight US Counties Bordering Mexico, 1995

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This report summarizes findings of the epidemiologic study conducted by health departments in the four US states bordering Mexico (Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas) to characterize patterns of immigration and migration among foreign-born Hispanic patients with TB and their behaviors in seeking health care. The 181 consenting Hispanic patients under treatment for TB during October 1, 1995 to January 5, 1996, completed a standardized questionnaire and additional data were obtained from medical charts and laboratory reports.

Le plan mondial Halte à la tuberculose

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This pamphlet discusses the World Health Organization's Global Plan to Stop Tuberculosis. It provides information about TB infection, explains the global plan, describes the success of the directly observed therapy short course (DOTS) treatment program, and the proposal of the global plan to expand the DOTS program. The pamphlet addresses treatment issues concerning TB-HIV coinfection and drug-resistant TB, the search for new and faster-working drug treatment, and vaccine development and makes a plea for additional funding to help meet the goals of the global plan.


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