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Management, Control and Prevention of Tuberculosis: Guidelines for Health Care Providers (2002-2005)

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This guideline is an update of the Victoria Department of Health and Community Services' previous publication of "Management, Control and Prevention of Tuberculosis: Guidelines for Health Care Providers in 1995." Chapters on the hospital care of active TB and the prevention of infection in health care workers have been revised and expanded. They will assist individual institutions in developing policy and practices that are appropriate for effective TB control in their particular setting.

Corrections Toolkit

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This online resource provides a variety of tools to assist corrections staff and public health TB programs who work with correctional facilities in TB control efforts. These tools may be downloaded and modified to meet the specific needs of each site. The site contains a large compilation of modifiable forms and templates, archived webinar training, and various written, video and online resources to support TB work within correctional facilities.

CorrectTB Webpage

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The resources on this website were compiled by the NTCA/NTNC Corrections Committee. Topics include TB prevention and control, epidemiology, screening, contact investigation, infection control, release planning, and cultural factors. When using a resource, please review and edit to comply with state and local regulations or your program needs.

Preventing and Controlling TB in Correctional Settings Webinar Series

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These four webinars highlight challenges, legal requirements, and best practice strategies for preventing and controlling TB in correctional facilities. These webinars were produced by the Minnesota Department of Health in consultation with several local public health agencies and correctional agency staff. The four webinars include: Module I: Background and Introduction Module II: Screening and Management of Offenders Module III: Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) Module IV: Active TB

Post-Detention Completion of Tuberculosis Treatment for Persons Deported or Released from the Custody of the Immigration and Naturalization Service --- United States, 2003. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 52(19): 438-441, May 16, 2003

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This report describes three cases that illustrate several issues associated with the deportation of patients with incomplete treatment of TB disease after detention. These cases highlight the need for interagency coordination to ensure completion of treatment for persons being evaluated or treated for TB.


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