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The Case For New Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

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Lauren Hunter, a doctoral student at UC Berkeley, presented the "Contraceptive method use and chlamydia positivity among California family planning clients: the case for new Multipurpose Prevention Technologies," an analysis comparing chlamydia positivity by type of contraceptive method used among women tested through California's Family PACT program in 2012-2013. In the presentation, she discusses the implications of the findings and how the development and provision of additional Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) may help to address an unmet need for STI prevention.

It's Your Future. You Can Protect It.

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This poster encourages teens who is sexually active to always use condoms, along with another form of birth control, to prevent pregnancy. It also encourages condom use to prevent transmission of STDs and HIV.

It's Your (Sex) Life : Your Guide to Safe and Responsible Sex

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This pamphlet presents information about pregnancy and STDs, including HIV and serves as a guide to having safe and responsible sex. It discusses pregnancy; the options available to pregnant adolescents; the effectiveness of contraception against pregnancy and STDs; how to talk to partners about practicing safer sex; how to practice safer sex; and the symptoms of, the effects of, and the treatments available for several STDs.

Hepatitis C: Sex and Hepatitis C Virus

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This information sheet discusses hepatitis C, a viral infection that affects the liver. It explains hepatitis C transmission; whether the disease can be spread to a sex partner, and reducing the chances of transmission through sexual contact; pregnancy and the risk of transmitting hepatitis C to the baby; preventing pregnancy while on treatment as the treatment can cause birth defects; and how to get more information.
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