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Community Health Education

Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control: A Guide to Essential Practice

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This guide includes WHO recommendations on screening and treatment of pre-cancer lesions and on HPV vaccination made through April 2014, taking account of relevant evidence-based findings published up to December 2013; emerging practices that are still being evaluated are also noted in this publication. This guide, which replaces the 2006 edition, has two new chapters, one newly organized chapter, and two substantially revised chapters. The new chapters include: Essentials for cervical a=cancer prevention and control programmes; and HPV vaccination.

NPHIC STD Communication Toolkit

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This STD communications toolkit was developed by NPHIC and staff from CDC's Division of STD Prevention. Its purpose is to provide materials and resources that will help communications staff and STD program managers in state and local health departments communicate effectively about STDs. The materials are divided into two broad categories: information for the general public and information for providers. The toolkit was created following key informant interviews with public information officers and STD program staff in seven state and two city health departments.

Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis: A Guide and Toolkit 2007

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This report provides a framework for TB prevention and control programs for use in planning new intervention strategies and strengthening existing ones through partnership formation. The report explains how to forge partnerships, why partnership formation is important, and how the formation benefits the partners and the community. It discusses successful health-related community partnerships; covers steps in partnership building; and includes information on types of partnerships, such as networks, task forces, and advisory committees, and their purposes.

Community-Based Tuberculosis Prevention and Care: Why and How To Get Involved

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This report serves as a handbook or primer, for nongovernmental organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) considering joining the fight against TB. It provides informaton on TB and its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment and how TB programs work, how communities and CSOs can get involved, and on special populations that need extra attention. It includes step-by-step guidance on getting started in addressing TB, pitfalls to avoid, and a list of useful resources.

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