STD Awareness Month Media Relations Kit

Newscaster with a microphone.

Radio, television, and online news outlets are a great way to share STD prevention messages during STD Awareness Month. These tip sheets can help you better understand how to work with reporters and editors.

The tools in this section are designed to help you disseminate news and information to the media during STD Awareness Month. Some products are more useful for television and radio, while others are effective for generating news stories with print and online media outlets.

  • Press Release
    Tells your news story in no more than 2-3 pages. A good press release includes contact information and provides the media with the most important details of your news story first, followed by quotes from key spokespersons.
  • Media Advisory
    An invitation to an event (fundraiser, press conference, public event, etc.) that outlines basic information such as the topic and location of the event.
  • Radio Public Service Announcement Script
    Public Service announcements allow you to get your message across on radio.

    Examples of radio PSAs developed for native communities during STD Awareness Month.
  • Photo
    Provides a visual representation of your story and can be used by print media. Include a short, easy-to-understand caption on your photo describing the action in the picture.
  • Example: An op-ed column
    Writing an op-ed is an opportunity to get your opinion out to thought-leaders and policy makers. Focus on a specific issue, highlight contradictions, emphasize local importance, and present a specific action to be taken. The Op-ed example shown here is a great example of a powerful STD-related op-ed published in 2013 on