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Does your college campus GYT? Evaluating the effect of a social marketing campaign designed to raise STI awareness and encourage testing.
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) impose a considerable health and economic burden among college-aged students. College students report engaging in a number of high-risk behaviors, including having multiple sex partners, unprotected sex, and using drugs and binge drinking during sex. This pilot evaluation investigated the associations between STI testing and the GYT: Get Yourself Tested campaign exposure, a social marketing campaign developed to promote sexual health discussions, raise awareness around STIs/HIV, and encourage testing among youth.

GYT: Get Yourself Tested Campaign Awareness: Associations With Sexually Transmitted Disease/HIV Testing and Communication Behaviors Among Youth.
Awareness of the GYT: Get Yourself Tested communications campaign is related to each of the four STD/HIV testing-related behaviors targeted by the campaign.

Reaching Youth With Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Building on Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned From Local Get Yourself Tested Campaigns.
Nine programs were funded across eight states in the United States to customize, implement, and evaluate local campaigns in support of the national Get Yourself Tested (GYT) campaign.

An Assessment of the GYT: Get Yourself Tested Campaign; An Integrated Approach to Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Communication.
Data compiled from a number of sources suggest that the national GYT: Get Yourself Tested campaign is associated with increased sexually transmitted disease communication and testing among youth in the United States.